Brennan & Associates Risk Management & Insurance Services serves California and Arizona for insurance on auto repossession, collateral recovery, workers compensation, healthcare, assisted living, nursing facilities, schools and much more.

Brennan & Associates Risk Management & Insurance Services, Inc.

We never forget who we work for!
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Brennan & Associates has been serving the insurance and risk management needs of the California construction industry since its inception in 1985.


We understand contractor insurance needs. Just as importantly, we have the experience and marketplace influence to assist contractors
in making the right choices in the sometimes murky world of insurance.


You bid for a living– and so do we. This enables us to understand the need for bringing you competitive prices.


You assume risks in owner or prime oriented construction contracts. We will show you how to “counter” contract terms so that your assumption of risk is reasonable. We do this without jeopardizing owner or prime relationships.


You sometimes need Surety bonds. We have access to the worldwide Surety marketplace, and can get you connected to Sureties that have an appetite for your needs.


You would like your people to go home at night in the same condition as when they arrived at work. Our “behavior based safety” program gets results because it’s contractor oriented, not OSHA mandated. Correcting unsafe conditions – the OSHA mandate – is the right thing to do, but you lower your cost of risk by zeroing in on employee behavior.


Our company is Brennan and Associates. We specialize in contractors. Your unique needs aren’t understood by traditional insurance generalists.


If you are more successful – we become more successful. This is a win/win proposition.


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