Brennan & Associates Risk Management & Insurance Services serves California and Arizona for insurance on auto repossession, collateral recovery, workers compensation, healthcare, assisted living, nursing facilities, schools and much more.

Brennan & Associates Risk Management & Insurance Services, Inc.

We never forget who we work for!
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Brennan & Associates was founded in 1985 by Thomas J. Brennan and Cathy L. Hood. We have clients in many states but our primary focus is the Western United States where our offices are located.


Thomas J. Brennan is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. He has 30+ years experience in the insurance industry including 5 years in underwriting and 6 years as Resident Vice President of Zurich Insurance Companies in San Francisco.


Cathy L. Hood has 25+ years of experience. Cathy holds the CPCU degree in insurance, and has served in marketing, underwriting and administrative capabilities within the insurance industry.


Michael S. Brennan joined Brennan & Associates in 1995 and earned his way into an ownership position in 2005. Michael is a graduate of the University of Portland. He has 20 years experience in the insurance industry serving in underwriting, marketing, and sales capacities within the industry. Michael also holds the Associate in Underwriting (AU) designation.


Brennan and Associates was formed to apply the fundamentals of Risk Management to those having substantial risks, yet not having the resources to have a staff specialist to handle these risks. Fortune 500 companies have these specialists but most insureds do not. We bridge this gap.


Since its founding in 1985, our company has remained an independent insurance brokerage, which stresses the ability to give customers objective and realistic information on dealing with risk. Our premise is that insurance can be very confusing to buyers. Our role is to offer clarification on the multitude of coverages, options, carriers, pricing and limitations contained in the typical insurance transaction.


Brennan and Associates does not want to be all things to all people. We want to demonstrate our value to customers by offering creative solutions to risk related problems. Our approach has fueled outstanding growth for our company. Our approach has yielded lower insurance costs and improved quality in recognizing and dealing with risk for our customers. We Never Forget Who We Work For!